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Peter Villiers ethics in policing
Peter Villiers
Editor of The Journal of
Ethics in Policing
Peter Villiers is a writer, lecturer and consultant with a wealth of practical experience in the education and development of senior police officers.

He worked for the Police Staff College at Bramshill for eighteen years, concluding his employment there as Head of Human Rights in the National Police Leadership Faculty and senior tutor in professional ethics.

Peter's portfolio includes:
  • Ethics and human rights
  • Social philosophy of policing
  • Strategic thinking and planning
  • Strategic seminars for senior officers
  • Action research and learning in the public service
  • Police leadership, past, present and future
  • Police studies via distance learning

In addition to his publications as listed below, he has produced a wide range of in-house guides to human rights and other subjects in support of national police training and is experienced in researching, creating and delivering training programmes on a range of subjects as well as producing associated training materials.

Peter has considerable experience of debating strategic issues in policing with distinguished international visitors whose interests have ranged from human rights training to the investigation and prevention of police corruption. In his last 18 months at the college they have included senior police and government officials from Mexico, Indonesia, Spain, Rwanda, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Sierra Leone, the former Soviet Union, the Baltic States and Malaysia, which recently sent a Royal Commission on policing to the United Kingdom.


Police Studies
UNISON Education, London, 1991

Structured Workshops for Developing Leadership
Gower, Aldershot, 1993
American edition, 1996

Without Fear or Favour:
Policing a Changing Democracy
UNISON Education, London, 1995

Better Police Ethics
Kogan Page, London, 1997

The First Fifty Years:
The History of the Police Staff College
Police Staff College, Bramshill House,
Bramshill, Hampshire, 1998

Human Rights for Managers:
A Practical Guide
Kogan Page, London, 2001

Human Rights for Police Leaders
Council of Europe Publications, Strasbourg
(Commissioned but unpublished)

Police Leadership in the 21st Century:
Philosophy, Doctrine and Developments
Edited by Robert Adlam and Peter Villiers
Waterside Press, Winchester, 2003

Policing a safe, just and tolerant society:
An international model
Edited by Peter Villiers and Robert Adlam
Waterside Press, Winchester, 2004

  • The Spectator
  • The New York Times
  • Journal, Royal United Services Institute
  • Occasional Papers, Strategic and Combat Studies Institute
  • Police Review
Previous Work History

Significant episodes include:

Merchant Navy, 1966
Cadet purser trading between England and West Africa before University

Extended Short Service Commission
(Captain, Royal Armoured Corps) 1971 to 1978
Served in Northern Ireland, Cyprus and Hong Kong on intelligence and other duties. In 1974 I liaised to the Greek National Guard during the Turkish invasion of Cyprus, as a member of the UN Emergency Force.

Principal, Mander Portman Woodward, 1981 to 1986
I joined the leading tutorial establishment to take over its new private sixth form college in Edgbaston, Birmingham, which had made a poor start. It became a thriving and successful institution.

  • New College School, Oxford
  • The King's School, Canterbury
  • The University of Essex (BA, Government, 1970)
  • Three years' evening classes in philosophy at Queen's University, Belfast (1975-78)
  • The University of Lancaster (MA, Organisational Psychology, 1980)
  • The University of Manchester (UMIST) (Postgraduate research in occupational stress, 1981)

Professional and other hobbies and interests
  • Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society
  • Member of the Strategic and Combat Studies Institute, Former Staff College, Camberley
  • Associate of the Council of Management, The Plough Arts Centre, Great Torrington, North Devon
  • Keen theatre-goer and occasional playwright
  • Chess, T'ai Chi and gig-rowing

Peter also supports his partner Carolyn in her political and social interests.

Peter Villiers ethics in policing Peter Villiers
Editor of The Journal of Ethics in Policing
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