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A senior central Victorian police officer has been ordered to stand trial for
allegedly assaulting a man and misleading a subsequent... Read more

It was no coincidence that Egypt's uprising began on Police Day last year;
protesters' original demands included the resignation of the... Read more

New Jersey's attorney general told Muslim leaders Saturday that he was still
looking into the extent of New York Police Department... Read more

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EthicsinPolicing Ltd is an independent non governmental organisation which is also non - profit making. It was established with an ideal to encourage and provide a philosophy of openness and transparency within the international community of law enforcement/policing by providing a worldwide forum for discussion and interaction on the ethical issues that are inherent in Law Enforcement/Policing and which not only affect law enforcement agencies but the wider community. This website has been provided to achieve that aim. We invite anyone involved or interested in policing or the criminal justice system and their partners to contribute their knowledge and experiences to the ethical problems or dilemmas that affect us all.

We will provide information and links about Policing ethics and International Policing, links to Police Websites, Police Corruption stories and a Police Forum.

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Read the latest ethics related international policing news here:
Australia: Senior Officer ordered to stand trial for assault
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