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Our vision is:

Openness International law enforcement

"To develop, encourage and promote a philosophy of openness and transparency within the international community of law enforcement/policing. To strengthen integrity through ethical leadership and practice for the benefit of their members and the communities they serve by providing a forum in which to discuss issues relevant to them".

We will achieve this by:

1. Creating a forum for expression to assist police agencies, organisations and individuals who would want to raise or discuss ethical issues within policing.

2. Monitoring ethical decision making by police agencies on an international basis and establish ethical benchmarking.

3.By research and project development to educate and promote a greater understanding of the ethical issues influencing and affecting policing.

4.Facilitating an exchange of ideas and best practice to enhance the learning process to thereby create a healthy ethical climate within policing.

5. Creating a forum for continuous research into ethical policing in the international community.

openness international law enforcement

assist police agencies

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