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Professor Geoff Hunt
University of Surrey, UK
Editorial Board Member
of Ethics in Policing
Philosophy and ethics; global policies; philosophy and ethics of healthcare and public services; ethics of technology and scientific research; public accountability and public interest disclosure.

Nanotechnology and society: ethics, law and policy.

Hunt and Matsuda are co-founders of the International Network for Nanotechnology, Society & Health (INNSAH), website under development at:

Ethics adviser and lecturer for various public bodies.

Philosophy of Wittgenstein, Hegel, Marx and Gramsci; philosophy of Buddhism esp. Dogen and Nishida

Hunt, G. & Mehta, M (eds) Nanotechnology: Risk, Ethics and Law. Earthscan, London, 2006.

Matsuda, M & Hunt, G. Invited co-editors of special issue of Molecular Nutrition & Food Research (Wiley-de) forthcoming 2006-2007, on 'Nanotechnologies & Public Health'.

Matsuda, M. & Hunt, G. 'Nanotechnology and Asbestosis' [in Japanese]. Gendai Kagaku [Chemistry Today] No. 417 (Dec. 2005), pp. 14-16. Kagaku-dojin, Tokyo.

Matsuda, M., Hunt, G., Tanaka, Y. (2005) 'Nanotekunoroji: Kousheisei jou no kadai' [In Japanese. 'Nanotechnology: Questions of public health'], Kagaku [Science], 75(9) pp. 1011-1013, Iwanami Shouten, Tokyo (ISSN 00227625).

Matsuda, M. & Hunt, G. 'Public Health Implications of Nanotechnolgy' [in English]. Japanese Journal of Public Health, 2006. Accepted.

Hunt, G. 'The Principle of Complementarity: Freedom of Information, Public Accountability and Whistleblowing' in Chapman, R & Hunt, M (eds) Freedom of Information: Perspectives on Open Government in a Theoretical and Practical Context. Ashgate, Aldershot, Hants, 2006.

Hunt, G. 'Benevolent Authoritarianism, Negotiated Order and Informed Accountability: UK, Denmark and the Future of European Healthcare'. Klinisk sygepleje [Clinical Nursing, Munksgaard, Denmark)] 2005: 19(3).

Hunt, G. 2004 A Sense of Life: The Future of Industrial-style Healthcare, Nursing Ethics. 11(2)

Hunt, G. in edited volume: James Martin (ed) Antonio Gramsci: Critical Assessments, Routledge, London, 2002, 4 vols. In vol. 2, ch: 37 Praxis Int. 1986 paper; in ch: 38 Int. Stud. Phil. 1985 paper. ISBN 0415217474.

Hunt, G & Abe, G. 2002 The Language of War: Ideological Imagery in American English', Journal of the Research Institute for Comparative Culture, No. 18, Tokushima Bunri University, Japan, pp 25-53.

Hunt, G. 2002 Public accountability: We're the Ones we have been waiting for, Royal Society of Arts Journal, 3/6, p. 10.

Hunt, G. The Role of Philosophy and Philosophers in Modern Healthcare, Studies in Comparative Philosophy (Japanese Assocn for Comparative Philosophy) No. 28 (March 2002) pp. 1-8 (ISSN 0286-2379)

Hunt, G. & Van der Arend, A. 2002 Treatment, Custody, Support: An Exploratory Qualitative Dialogue to map the ethics of interagency co-operation in hospital emergency departments in the UK and Netherlands Journal of Interprofessional Care 16:3, 211-220.

Hunt, G. 2002 Clones, Stem Cells & Human Survival: The Ethical Question, [Trans. into Japanese by Chikako Noma], Journal of Seizon and Life Sciences [ISSN 0917-0138] Vol. 13, series A, pp. 56-74.

Hunt, G. 2003 Good Nursing, Nursing the Good: Kitaro Nishida's Philosophy & Nursing, Quality Nursing: The Japanese Journal of Nursing Education & Nursing Research Vol. 9 (1), pp. 63-73.

Hunt, G (ed) 1994 Ethical Issues in Nursing, Routledge, London.

Hunt, G & P. Wainwright (eds) 1994 Expanding the Role of the Nurse, Blackwell Scientific.

Hunt, G (ed) 1995 Whistleblowing in the Health Service: Accountability, Law & Professional Practice, Arnold.

Hunt, G (ed) 1998 Whistleblowing in the Social Services: Public Accountability & Professional Practice, Arnold.

Peter Villiers ethics in policing Peter Villiers
Editor of The Journal of Ethics in Policing
Thomas Meloni Wheaton Police Department Thomas Meloni
Deputy Chief of Police,
Wheaton Police Department, IL, USA
Phil Clements University of Portsmouth Dr Phil Clements
Senior Lecturer in Criminal Justice,
University of Portsmouth
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Chief of Police,
Carrollton Police Department,
Texas, USA
Daniel Carlson Institute For Law Enforcement Administration ILEA law enforcement ethics Daniel Carlson
Director, ILEA, Center for Law Enforcement Ethics,
Texas, USA
John Middleton-Hope Lethbridge Regional Police Service John Middleton-Hope
Chief of Police,
Lethbridge Regional Police Service,
Alberta, Canada
Phillip Hanvey Causeway Programme Philip Hanvey
Causeway Programme,
Northern Ireland
Geoff Hunt University of Surrey Professor Geoff Hunt
University of Surrey, UK
Dr Dominic Wood
Director of Policing Programmes,
Canterbury Christ Church University, UK
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