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Ethics In Policing Consultancy

When looking for ethical consultancy, research and training services, unbiased, independent expert advice is essential. As a fully independent, not-for-profit company, EthicsinPolicing Ltd (EiP) is able to offer you specialist advice and analysis. With unrivalled experience and expertise in ethical policing practice, we'll work closely with you to tailor a programme meeting the needs of your organisation:

To help your organisation achieve sound ethical policing practices, we can work with you to:

  • Highlight your organisation's areas of ethical weakness with a baseline survey and analysis.
  • Prevent future organisational problems with expert ethical weaknesses consultancy.
  • Identify ethical weaknesses with a complete training needs analysis.
  • Strengthen the integrity of your organisation with ethical practice strategies.
  • Develop organisational values with policy advice and consultancy.
  • Meet organisational requirements with specific training programs.
  • Develop your ethical practices through to completion with full ongoing support.
  • Create an ethical environment for your staff - Enable your staff to confront and deal with any ethical dilemmas or challenges, with our support and counselling services.
  • Develop a programme to cohesively apply strategy and policies to organisational values and improve ethical leadership.

Contemporary Ethical Training

Achieve greater ethical practices through learning & development

With a team of ethical practice experts, EiP can provide you with the very best in contemporary ethical training for law enforcement and policing. As well as help you achieve greater ethical practices through bespoke training, we are also able to offer you the following short courses:
  • Ethical Decision Making
  • Ethical Ideology & Social Representation
  • Police Ethics & Leadership
To ensure the very best ethical practices for your organisation, contact us today with your requirements.
EiP policing consultancy

Consultancy and Training

When it comes to ethics and organisational corruption, EiP offer you unmatched expertise and experience. At the forefront of ethical practice research, our staff and advisors provide you with a level of experience that is truly global. In fact, our experience in providing consultancy, presentations and training extend to the USA, Canada, Australia, Lithuania, UK and Turkey.

A sound foundation for good ethical practice:

EiP aim to provide you with the premier resource for ethics in policing by

  • Developing, encouraging and promoting a philosophy of openness and transparency within the international community of law enforcement and policing.
  • Strengthening integrity through ethical leadership and practice for the benefit of our members and the communities they serve.
  • Providing a forum in which members may discuss relevant ethical issues - thereby achieving progress through knowledge.

Progress Through Knowledge

To ensure ethical progress through knowledge, EiP is continually evolving. Our considered and consistent approach is founded on the application of core principles. By remaining faithful to these principles, EiP aim to:
  • Remain a genuinely independent organisation.
  • Be accessible and open to all people of any religious, philosophical or cultural traditions.
  • Act with courage, compassion and integrity.
  • Offer practical assistance of the highest quality.
  • Be an integral part of the international community.
  • Base activities on a sound theoretical foundation.
  • Not impose its views on those with whom it works.
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EiP are in the process of producing a series of books titled 'Shades of Grey' that will review ethical issues that effect policing and work towards ethical decision making within policing.

These will be available through this web site.
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