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David James
Chief of Police,
Carrollton Police Department,
Texas, USA
Editorial Board Member
of Ethics in Policing
Chief of Police David James has approximately 33 years experience in municipal law enforcement service, management, supervision and training; including executive management experience with other municipal services and working with city management. Chief James holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Abilene Christian College and is a graduate of the Institute for Law Enforcement Administration's Command College and the Federal Bureau of Investigation's National Academy.

David was appointed Chief of the Carrollton Police Department in July of 1994. The Carrollton Police Department serves a resident population of approximately 118,500. During Chief James' tenure the Department has adopted Community Problem Oriented Policing implemented through a Self-Directed Work Teams operational philosophy. Present authorized strength for the Department is 158 sworn officers and 72 non-sworn personnel.

Prior to his appointment in Carrollton, Chief James retired from the Dallas Police Department after 21 years of service.

Chief James has become increasingly involved with leadership issues during the past few years. He believes in Servant-Leadership as an operational philosophy. In his capacity as an instructor and public speaker he seeks every opportunity to relate how Servant-Leadership can be applied in law enforcement, other organizations and one's personal life. Chief James attributes his viewpoints on leadership to Robert Greenleaf, author of The Servant as Leader, and founder of the Greenleaf Center for Servant-Leadership.

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