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Australia: Senior Officer ordered to stand trial for assault
A senior central Victorian police officer has been ordered to stand trial for
allegedly assaulting a man and misleading a subsequent investigation into the

In 2010, the Office of Police Integrity (OPI) investigated claims Detective Leading
Senior Constable Grant Allan had broken a man's collar bone during a drugs raid in

It is alleged Allan then... Read more
Egypt's police still in crisis after revolution
It was no coincidence that Egypt's uprising began on Police Day last year;
protesters' original demands included the resignation of the hated former interior
minister, Habib al-Adly, and an end to the abuses committed by his security forces.

One of the most influential Facebook groups calling for people to take to the streets
was "We are all... Read more
NJ Muslims, officials discuss NYPD surveillance
New Jersey's attorney general told Muslim leaders Saturday that he was still
looking into the extent of New York Police Department surveillance operations in
the state, yet stopped short of promising a formal investigation during a meeting
that both sides characterized as productive.

Leaders from different New Jersey Muslim organizations met with Attorney
General Jeffrey Chiesa and... Read more
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Dubuque County Sheriff’s Deputy Charged with Burglary and Stalking
Dubuque, IOWA – Officers with the Dubuque Police Department received a report
from a local citizen regarding allegations against Dubuque County Sheriff’s Deputy
James Doyle, 47 years.
Based on the information developed in the initial investigation, the desire to maintain
the integrity of the investigation, and to avoid a potential conflict of interest, the
Dubuque Police Department... Read more
New Mexico police officer arrested on bribery, prostitution charges after allegedly soliciting women
Police in Albuquerque say they've arrested a state police officer after an
investigation that began when he was spotted picking up a prostitute.

A warrant charges 34-year-old Timothy Carlson with extortion, bribery, soliciting
prostitution, sex charges and violating ethics laws. He was arrested late Friday
after he allegedly picked up a prostitute who had been acting as... Read more
More stories in : March 2012
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