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There are many commentaries on the term Whistleblowing the main commentaries being N.Bowie, F.Elliston, J. Kleinig as quoted in 2005 Policing Key Readings edited by Tim Newburn, Willan Publishing P.613-623. In the main whistleblowing is seen as an act by an individual to bring to the publics attention some form of wrong doing within an organisation. It is normal for the whistleblower to be a member or ex member of the organisation in question. Whistleblowing as a term is generally accepted as describing a person who brings to the public attention a wrongdoing. The term whilst being understood by most people is disliked within modern policing and has to some extent been replaced with more acceptable terminology such as ‘Professional Standards Reporting’ or ‘Ethical Reporting’ in order to enhance the standing of the person providing the information and challenging the perception and vilification of a person who discloses such issues as a rat, snitch, turncoat etc. There are many leading articles with regards to issues such as ‘The thin Blue Line’, ‘The Blue Wall of Silence’, ‘The Brotherhood’ all of which indicate a strong feeling within society that police staff do not easily deal with the issue of unethical behaviour by other members of staff and rather than blow the whistle staff remain silent. For those who would wish to act unethically or even fear being caught up in unethical procedures and practices it serves a purpose to maintain the vilification of any person who would come forward and blow the whistle.

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