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Police training differ from country to country and from Police Force to Police Force. If we consider the diversity of roles required within Police Training, from law training, Police firearms arms training , Police driver training, first aid, Police dog handling, Police Search team training, Forensic training and the more specialist training regarding victims support, criminal investigation we can see that Police Training is a complex and diverse subject. Police training also has to take account of the type of Police training that is required depending on the type of Police Force or Service in question. Transport Police, Marine Police, Anti Terrorist Police, are examples of Policing where specialist Police Training would be required in order to understand the complexities of the type of policing that is being carried out. To this end there are numerous Police Training centres throughout the world all contributing to the discipline of policing within the environment the police operate. Police Training is a complex area from recruitment to higher management development. Police training is an integral part of a police officers development regardless of the type of policing they are involved in. A police officer can not undertake their role without Police Training especially when the Police Training covers very specialist area. Due to changes in laws and community developments Police Training is a continuous development within a Police Officers career. Police Training is a vital tool in the capabilities and ability of a Police Service to deliver its service to the community in which they operate. The standard of Policing and the standard of delivery of the service is dependent of the standard of Police Training that is available to officers and the Standard of the Police Trainers themselves. Police Training courses and availability to officers is a measure of the service standards to produce police trained staff that will deliver a high standard of service to the public. Police Training is the key to good police service.

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