Police Misconduct


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Police Misconduct is any conduct by police staff that does not fit into the norms, values, ‘Ethical Codes’, Codes of Ethics’ of the society and organisation in which the police staff operate. ‘Police Misconduct’ is more encompassing than ‘Police Corruption’ which is a specific form of misconduct. ‘Police Misconduct’ relates more to ‘Police Integrity’ and ‘Ethics’ than criminality and more specific and immediately identifiable criminal actions. ‘Noble Cause Corruption’ is perceived as more misconduct than outright corruption in the eyes of many observers, not because the acts are not criminal or police corruption but because what one persons see’s as corruption another may consider a legitimate means to an end which benefits the majority hence the phrase ‘Noble Cause Corruption’. We should ask what is noble about corrupting police ethics and standards. Other ‘Police Misconduct’ whilst not breaking the criminal or civil law may breach specific ‘Codes of Ethics’ or’ Ethical Codes’ or even more specific ‘Law Enforcement Codes’, ‘Discipline Codes’ that underpin the values of the Police. The misuse of authority not for gain or the failure to carry out a duty, or neglect of duty can been seen as issues of ‘Police Misconduct’. The failure to act with’ Integrity’ to undertake ‘Professional Standards reporting’, to uphold the values of the office are all aspects of ‘Police Misconduct’. There is a view that ‘Police Misconduct’ is the slippery slope to ‘Police Corruption’ and criminality. To remain silent when ‘Police Integrity’ requires action is the precursor to condolence and an acceptance of further ‘Police Misconduct’ and ‘Police Corruption’

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