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In reality Police Ethics is not a universal concept in itself. It can have universal principles such as basic codes of ethics, law enforcement ethics but to consider that Police Ethics is universal would be a mistake that would not be taking account of the environment in which policing takes place. Consider Police Ethics in a country that is governed by Shari law or Roman law consider tribal laws and customs. Policing Ethics must be recognised and accepted within the fabric of the society it act upon and also acceptable to the wider society outside. If we consider there are certain ethical codes and police ethics that have been laid down by the United Nation in their Police Codes of Ethics which should be the basic standard set within the world we can see that the majority of the world countries endorse theses Police Ethics codes, but in some cases do not necessarily enforce them. Some countries do not endorse such codes and allow fundamental human rights issues such as torture to exist within their policing structures. We can appreciate from this view the complexity of using the term Policing Ethics. When we review information about policing we should always consider the Police Ethics within the environment that the policing exists and then compare this with what is viewed as Universal Ethical Principles. We can then draw a picture that perhaps tells differing stories what is Policing Ethics in one environment may not be acceptable in another and what is seen as Police Ethical issues to one person may not be seen as the same to another, This can lead to other aspects of Ethical Decision making and what some see as Noble Cause Corruption.

What do the local Community think, what is the local Regional and National Government view and how is the Policing viewed by the rest of the world. Police Ethics and Ethical Policing are complex issues within dynamic complex social contexts.

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