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Publishing rules and regulations

An academic and professional e-journal

The Journal of Ethics in Policing is an interdisciplinary, peer reviewed, international electronic journal aimed at both the academic and the professional. Its primary aim is to provide a forum where authors can explore issues surrounding the ethical and moral dilemmas experienced by those engaged in law enforcement activities. All submitted articles will be peer reviewed and must meet rigorous standards. They can represent a broad range of substantive topics, theoretical and professional orientations, empirical methods, and analytic strategies. The journal will be published on a regular basis and, as an electronic journal, we say with confidence that the time between acceptance and publication of submissions will be considerably shorter than that of many print journals. If you have any questions regarding the journal or submission requirements, please review the relevant sections of this website or contact us directly at:

Notes for intending contributors

Submission Guidelines
  • Articles are accepted on the strict understanding that they are contributed solely to this e-journal, unless otherwise clearly stated, and that they may not be published elsewhere in full or in part without the Editor's permission.
  • All submissions will be peer reviewed in a timely and constructive manner.
  • Submissions must be in MSWord or pdf format.
  • Page size must be A4 with portrait orientation.
  • Use double spacing (including notes and references sections), wide margins, and numbered pages.
  • The title page should include full contact information for all authors and a list of 3-6 key words that best describe the content of the submission.
  • Articles should be accompanied by an abstract of not more than 120 words.
  • Submissions should be as brief as possible (normally 3000 to 6000 words - excluding abstract and references) and should include only such reviews of the literature as are relevant to the argument.
It is a condition of publication in the Journal that authors grant an exclusive licence to the publisher EthicsinPolicing. This helps to ensure that requests from third parties to reproduce articles are handled efficiently and consistently and allow the article to be as widely disseminated as possible. As part of the licence agreement, authors may use their own material in other publications provided that The Journal of Ethics in Policing is acknowledged as the original place of publication.

References should be listed alphabetically at the end of the paper, giving the names of journals in full. Titles and subtitles of articles, books, and journals should have main words capitalized. Titles of books and journals will be printed in italics

  • Brodeur, J.P. (1995), 'Undercover Policing in Canada: A Study of its Consequences', in C. Fijnaut, and G.T. Marx, eds., Undercover Police Surveillance in Comparative Perspective, 71-102. Leiden: Brill Academic Publishers
  • Delattre, E.J. (1989), Character and Cops: EthicsinPolicing. Washington DC: American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research
  • Dunnighan, C. and Norris, C. (1998), 'Some ethical dilemmas in the handling of police informers', Public Money and Management, January-March:21-25
In the text, the name of the author and date of publication should be cited as in the Harvard system (e.g. Kleinig 1996: 25-7; Cohen and Feldberg 1991: 121-9). If there are more than three authors, the first name followed by et al. is permissible in the text but the names should be spelt out in full in the References

Diagrams and tables
Diagrams and tables should be used sparingly. All should be numbered, and should be referred to in the text. Their location should also be indicated in the typescript (e.g. `Table 2 about here'). Artwork should be of sufficient quality to be reproduced without amendment.

Article submissions should be sent to us by clicking on this link.

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You must be a member in order to view the journal and any previously published papers, that you may have uploaded.

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