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NEWS > 23 February 2006

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Ethics hinder free meals for c
There is an old adage that goes, "If you want to find good food, just look where the truckers and cops eat."

While this may be true for truckers, it is usually not the case for police officers.

Did you ever wonder why certain food establishments always seem to have three or four squad cars parked outside? It is not because of the culinary delights served there, it is usually because they give discounted or free meals to the men and women in blue.

The art of finding and obtaining police discounts has been going on for years and is even passed ... Read more

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The Journal - Westche
23 February 2006
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Chief, Orangetown police win a

ORANGEBURG An appeals court has upheld a state Supreme Court ruling that said the Orangetown Town Board and Police Chief Kevin Nulty properly promoted two police officers to lieutenant and did not discriminate against another.

The Feb. 14 decision involved Lorraine Wetzel, a 25-year veteran of the Orangetown Police Department, who claimed she was discriminated against because of her gender. Wetzel, then a sergeant, was passed over for lieutenant twice since 2001. She was promoted to that rank last month.

Wetzel, known as Lorraine Kopf in court papers, appealed Judge William Nelson's 2004 ruling that said the Town Board and Nulty's promotions of two male officers "had a rational basis" and were not "arbitrary and capricious."

Nulty said last week's decision validated the town's promotion practices.

"This affirms the town properly promoted other officers over Lt. Wetzel in 2001 and 2004," Nulty said. "The system we follow has a lot of integrity. It's the same system that enabled her to be promoted."

Neither Wetzel nor her Stony Point-based attorney, Michael Diederich Jr., could be reached for comment yesterday.

Wetzel's two lawsuits in state court related to the promotions of two male officers in 2001 and 2004. A federal lawsuit, filed in 2003, is seeking $2 million for lost wages and emotional injury, among other damages.

In 2003, Diederich said the police administration had created a "glass ceiling" that prevented female police officers' advancement.

"During the present regime, there have not been any female police officers hired or promoted," Diederich said at the time.

Lance Klein of Keane and Beane in White Plains represented Nulty. He said the appeal was only on the 2004 lawsuit and that Wetzel had been unsuccessful thus far in her cases against the town and the police chief.

"They didn't violate any law. And they didn't discriminate against her in the process," Klein said yesterday. "Everything the town has done, in the state court's eyes, is proper."

Klein said he would soon make a motion to dismiss the federal case.

"So far, she hasn't won anything," Klein said.

Supervisor Thom Kleiner declined to comment on the matter.


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