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NEWS > 04 November 2007

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Top officer linked to corrupti
ONE of Victoria's top-ranking police officers has been implicated in a corruption scandal and faces possible criminal prosecution after the release of secretly taped phone conversations.

In explosive allegations that have rocked the Victoria Police, Assistant Commissioner Noel Ashby has been accused of leaking sensitive information that ended up with a policeman suspected of involvement in a gangland murder.

Mr Ashby was also accused of not telling the truth at an Office of Police Integrity hearing last month, and again yesterday, after his bugged conversations with polic... Read more

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Rugby Review - Rugby,England,U
04 November 2007
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Historic police misconduct hea

THE FIRST ever public police misconduct hearing over the stabbing of a Rugby mum will be held this week.

Brownsover Hall Hotel is bracing itself for the national press as it undergoes the media spotlight as the location for the hearing.

Warwickshire Police PCs Theresa Cottingham and Charlotte Hall both face allegations of misconduct leading to the killing of Colette Lynch in February 2005.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission said more should have been done to hear Colette's calls for help days before Percy Wright stabbed her to death outside her home in Garyth Williams Close, Rugby.

As a result of the IPCC investigation in February, they confirmed that it had for the first time used the powers granted under the Police Reform Act 2002 to direct a force to hold a misconduct hearing in public.

The hearing is scheduled to take place from Monday (November 5) to Friday, 10am start.

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