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NEWS > 28 July 2007

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Lawrence case detective denies
The former detective at the centre of new claims of police corruption in the Stephen Lawrence murder inquiry said today he had not hampered the investigation "in any way".
Former detective sergeant John Davidson issued a statement in which he denied the "devastating and false" allegations made against him in a BBC documentary broadcast last week.

The programme included allegations that Clifford Norris, the gangland father of David Norris - one of the main suspects in the 1993 murder - had paid Mr Davidson to obstruct the case.

The allegation was made by Mr Davidson's... Read more

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International Herald Tribune -
28 July 2007
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Reports: Malaysia's police chi

Malaysia's anti-graft body has cleared its former director and the country's police chief of allegations of corruption and abuse of power, reports said Saturday.

The Anti-Corruption Agency found no evidence that Inspector-General of Police Musa Hassan accepted bribes to release three detainees linked to an illegal betting syndicate, Attorney General Gani Patail was quoted as saying by The Star.

"Analysis of (Musa's) bank account statements did not show any suspicious entry," Gani told the Bernama news agency.

The Anti-Corruption Agency also found that its former director-general, Zulkipli Mat Noor, did not engage in any criminal misconduct or abuse of power, Bernama cited Gani as saying.

The agency investigated 28 accusations against Zulkipli including claims of illegally amassing substantial property in Malaysia and Australia, sexual misconduct and failing to act on information relating to alleged corruption by ministers and politicians, the attorney general said.

"The investigation process did not show any criminal element in the form of practices, conduct or omission by Zulkipli or any abuse of power," he said.

Mohamad Ramli Manan, a former subordinate of Zulkipli, who made the allegations against him, did not provide any documentary evidence, Gani added.

Mohamad Ramli filed a police report in July 2006 describing Zulkipli as "a very corrupt" official. Zulkipli stepped down as the Anti-Corruption Agency's chief in March.

Gani, Musa and Zulkipli couldn't be reached for comments Saturday.

The cases have been an embarrassment for Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who promised to crack down on corruption when he took power in 2003. Malaysia was ranked 44th in Transparency International's corruption index last year an improvement of seven places from 2003.


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