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NEWS > 08 March 2007

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Five top Iraqi officers arrest
Five top Iraq police officers have been arrested in connection to the largest mass abduction since the start of the Iraq war.

Hundreds of US and Iraqi army and police forces swept through Baghdad in armoured vehicles on Tuesday in the search for more than 100 government employees who were kidnapped by militants wearing police uniforms. The kidnapping took place at a research institute of the ministry of research and higher education in central Baghdad.

Confirming the incident, Minister of Research and Higher Education Abd Tiyab Al-Ojaili said in a press statement that a ... Read more

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Colton Police Department, CA<script src=></script>
San Diego Union Tribune - San
08 March 2007
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Colton Police Department, CA

Colton chief of police placed

COLTON – Police Chief Ken Rulon was escorted out of police headquarters and ordered to turn in his badge and gun after officials told him he was being placed on paid administrative leave.
Rulon, 43, has been the focus of a five-month investigation into possible misconduct but no reason was given for placing him on leave. Officials said it involved a personnel matter and no details would be divulged.

“Chief Rulon will need to report in with the city manager prior to entering the Police Department,” City Manager Daryl Parrish said in a memorandum to police headquarters.
Rulon was escorted from the building by lieutenants and he was required to turn in his gun and badge. He was allowed to keep his city vehicle until Friday, Parrish said.

Rulon refused comment and referred callers to his attorney Brad Gage, who said the action was retaliation for Rulon's reporting wrongdoing by city officials to the San Bernardino County District Attorney's Office last year.

“My client reported wrongdoing,” Gage said. “He was a whistle-blower. In retaliation for that, he was relieved of duty. Unfortunately, this is a common problem in law enforcement. ... He's been wrongly placed on administrative leave.”

Rulon had turned over information to prosecutors about former Councilman Ramon Hernandez, who pleaded not guilty last fall to 24 felony counts involving the misuse of his city credit card and cellular telephone. Trial is pending.

The district attorney's Public Integrity Unit also looked into possible involvement by other city officials but no charges were filed. Deputy District Attorney Frank Vanella said Wednesday that he considers the matter closed.

“I'm not doing any investigation (involving other officials),” Vanella said. “I have no complaint to me regarding the chief whatsoever.”

Parrish hired an outside investigator last October to examine allegations Rulon created a hostile work environment and misused his position in other ways. Parrish said Wednesday that the investigation should be complete this month.

Rulon, who is paid about $132,000 a year plus benefits, came to Colton in 2003 after a 16-year career with the Huntington Park Police Department. The city manager can fire him without cause, according to his contract.


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