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NEWS > 30 November 2006

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UT cops bend rules to suit sel
If you are a relative or friend of an accused and want to meet him in the lock-up at the District Courts, you will just not be allowed to or will be made to wait the whole day till the accused are taken back to Burail Jail around 5 pm.

But if you are a relative of a Police official who has been recently booked on charges of corruption, then you can enjoy special treatment at the cost of law. UT Police officials will not only escort you inside the lock-up but will also serve tea.

Such an incedent showing a clear abuse of law was witnessed on saturday at the UT District C... Read more

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30 November 2006
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Family dog tied to tree, shot

TWO policemen have not been prosecuted for shooting a dog after tying it to a tree.

An inquiry recommended the men be summonsed under the Animal Welfare Act.

But police last night said the officers had been subjected only to "internal disciplinary action". The first officer fired at the family pet from close range but missed.

A shot from the second officer passed through the dog's neck - depriving it of the ability to bark - and cut the rope.

The animal ran home to its master with blood pumping out of the entry and exit bullet wounds.

Ombudsman Carolyn Richards, who investigates complaints against Territory Government departments, said she was "appalled". Dog-owning Police Minister Chris Burns said he was also appalled.

The incident happened after police in an unnamed "remote locality" went to a house to arrest a man's son on an outstanding warrant.

A struggle started and the family dog bit one of the officers. The police decided the dog was a "vicious animal" and should be put down.

The owners said the officers did not fully explain that they were going to kill the animal and they were "coerced" into letting them take it away.

The dog was taken into the bush, tied to a tree and shot. After the first shot, the pet was "jumping all over the place".

The police found out that the dog had returned home, but decided against seizing it again.

The Joint Review Committee - made up of police and staff from the Ombudsman's office - investigated the case and found the officers had made "misleading" statements and been inhumane.

It recommended internal disciplinary action and prosecution.


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