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NEWS > 20 October 2006

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Club files suit against police
FITCHBURG— Trouble has found Karma Night Club, a downtown hip-hop club.

Manager Cynthia Allaire is calling for a full investigation into the activities of the Police Department, alleging police filed a false report that accuses bar employees of concealing evidence after a big fight at the bar at 16 Putnam St. last weekend. The owners of the club also are pursuing civil action against the Police Department.

Ms. Allaire said yesterday she called police after a brawl broke out in the parking lot July 29, shortly after the bar closed, but the fight was broken up before poli... Read more

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Czech Happenings - Pragues,Cze
20 October 2006
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CSSD says part of police try t

Prague- The Czech Social Democratic Party (CSSD) said today that it is scandalous that information linking the party tops, including chairman Jiri Paroubek, with serious crimes, is leaking from the police just ahead of the local and Senate elections.
The elections will be held tomorrow and on Saturday.

CSSD leaders called at their press conference on Interior Minister Ivan Langer (Civic Democrats, ODS) and its inspection to investigate the leaks.

They made the call in connection with the case of Jan Kubice, director of the Squad for Uncovering Organised Crime (UOOZ), and the investigation into an alleged corruption in drawing EU funds.

Langer told CTK that he too will want the information leaks to be explained. He, however, ruled out the possibility of the information having leaked under political pressure.

"If police units, police squads or the secret services influence politics, then we believe that something is not in order in our democratic system," CSSD first deputy chairman Bohuslav Sobotka said.

Jaroslav Tvrdik, Paroubek's advisers head, even compared the elite UOOZ to a political police body.

"I would compare the activities of a part of UOOZ officers to political police," Tvrdik said.

Vera Jourova, former deputy of Paroubek when he was local development minister, who has been accused of bribery in connection with drawing money from EU funds, told police today that Paroubek is also involved in the frauds, iDnes server wrote.

Langer claimed that the CSSD now wants to detract attention from the content of the investigation and that it only points to the leak of information.

"The content is what Mrs Jourova said," he added.

"It is a boomerang that has now returned to the person who threw it [Paroubek]," Langer said.


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