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01/02/2008 - The Journal of Ethics in Policing - AVAILABLE NOW!

The first edition of our on line publication The Journal of Ethics in Policing has now been published.

It is available NOW within the Library to view or down load.

Here is a glimpse of what you can find in this edition...

Contents 2008 Vol. 1

1. Policing by Consent Robert Adlam and Peter Villiers
2. The Fundamental Principles for Policing a Safe, Just and Tolerant Society Peter Villiers and Robert Adlam
3. Why Dont We Learn From History? Terrorism and the Cult of Death Peter Villiers
4. Torture Peter Villiers
5. Countering Corruption and Malpractice (an extract) Bryn Caless
6. EiP Research Kevin W. Pitt and Kerry Anderson
7. Police and Inclusiveness Need for Reforms in the Indian Police System Chetan Singai
8. Police Integrity The Big Issue Robert Adlam
9. The Proper Use of Discretion Controlled drugs Albert Laugharne
10. Classic Texts Police: Street Corner Politicians William Ker Muir Chicago Universtiy Press 1977 Robert Adlam

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