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NEWS > 13 September 2011

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Naylon's attorney decries alle
An attorney representing Ramsey County sheriff's official Mark Naylon said his client is innocent and will cooperate with authorities who are looking into allegations that he stole money, tampered with evidence and interfered with investigations.
Paul Rogosheske also dismissed an FBI surveillance videotape that a source said shows Naylon counting and then pocketing cash hidden in a St. Paul hotel room.

Rogosheske, based on conversations with Naylon, said the incident on the tape stems from a "joke" played on a Ramsey County sergeant who accompanied Naylon and a St. Paul police ... Read more

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Ethics in Policing
Jakarta Post
13 September 2011
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Ethics in Policing

Indonesia: Police to question 38 officers for alleged misconduct

The Jakarta Police say they will launch an investigation of 38 officers for alleged ethics violations.

Among the officers under scrutiny were six mid-level officers and eight high-ranking officers, including officers from the Internal Affairs Division, Jakarta Police spokesman Sr. Comr. Baharudin Djafar said.

Baharudin said the police launched the investigations after receiving 26 complaints from the public that alleged that the 36 officers were involved in misconduct.

“Most of the officers in question came from the Criminal Investigation Division, with [a total of] seven officers. The others came from the Internal Affairs Division, the Traffic Police as well as district police offices in the Greater Jakarta area,” Baharudin said.

Some of the officers were accused of blackmail, while others allegedly abused their authority.

Baharudin said that some of the officers had already been sanctioned for the violations.

Separately, the Jakarta Police released on Monday their monthly crime statistics report, indicating that crime in Jakarta had declined last month.

The police registered 1,758 criminal cases in August, down from 1,891 cases in July. “Most of the cases were violent armed robberies. Those figures were down from 590 in July to 562 in August,” he said.

Automobile thefts spiked throughout the city in August, according to Baharudin, during Ramadhan and Idul Fitri, when millions of residents left Jakarta to return to hometowns for the holiday. “We recorded 408 cases in August, an increase over July’s 377 cases,” he said.

Police said that the most crime-prone region in the Greater Jakarta area was Tangerang, Banten province, which recorded 484 violent crimes between July and August.

Baharudin also said that drug-related crimes had dropped to 327 cases in August, down from 461 cases in July.

Meanwhile, the Jakarta Police narcotics division said that officers had arrested an alleged drug dealer, identified as D.P., in Cengkareng, West Jakarta, on Monday.

In the arrest, officers also seized 15,000 Ecstasy pills from the woman, who was thought to be a member of an international drug trafficking network. “Her network reached deep into Malaysian territory,” Jakarta Police narcotics chief Sr. Comr. Nugroho Aji said.

Nugroho added that D.P. imported the pills, which were worth Rp 3 billion (US$348,000), from the Netherlands.

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