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NEWS > 08 August 2011

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Probe into Atlanta drug raid u
ATLANTA — It started as a federal probe to determine how a botched police raid led to the shooting death of a 92-year-old woman but it has now expanded into a sweeping investigation into possible corruption in the Atlanta Police Department.

Federal indictments released Thursday assert that Atlanta narcotics officers - including others not implicated in the shooting case - repeatedly lied to judges in order to obtain search warrants, falsely claimed confidential informants purchased drugs and falsified warrants so they could meet goals set by police brass.

The allegations... Read more

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08 August 2011
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Romulus police officer fired in midst of MSP investigation into department

After suing his department for racial discrimination, a Romulus police officer has been fired after 14 years on the job.

It’s the latest twist for in a troubled organization that is still under investigation for alleged high-level misconduct and corruption.

It’s been months since Michigan State Police troopers raided the Romulus headquarters, the home of the police chief and three other locations looking for proof that rumors of stolen drug forfeiture money, padded overtime and other misconduct were real. But months before those raids, Cpl. Derek Turner filed a racial discrimination lawsuit against his police department, which he said lead to comments and accusations from other officers, suggesting Derek had given the state police information.

Larry Fields is Derek’s lawyer. “I think Derek has had a target on his back ever since he complained about being called a monkey,” Fields told Action News.

“I know things like that happened in the 60’s and 70’s but my goodness, this is 2011. It’s just outrageous what happened,” Fields said.

Attorney Fields has examined department records that he says show the misconduct of white officers was ignored, while minor issues about Turner’s shift schedule were enough for Derek to lose his job.

“A white officer lost a kilo of cocaine - no discipline. A white officer allowed a felony prisoner to escape - no discipline. Several white officers, including the chief’s brother, threatened officers believed to be talking to Michigan State Police investigators, but they were not punished,” Fields said.

Chief Mike St. Andre chose not to discuss Turner’s dismissal, but Action News asked about the overtime needed without Turner on the job, in a financially strapped city that recently reduced the police department’s budget. “It’s a police department and overtime is needed to fight crime,” St. Andre said.

Mayor Al Lambert identifies himself as the head law enforcement officer for the city, but he’s decided that this is a personnel matter, and he won’t talk about it.

“Unfortunately, I wasn’t involved in that,” Lambert told Action News. “Our human recourses, police chief and labor attorney were involved in that, so I can’t speak to it.”

But Turner’s lawyer believes this action is another attempt to thwart the investigation into police department misconduct. Field’s believes that’s why the department sent an officer to the hearing with Turner who had made his suspicions of Turner known to other officers. “They had him represented by a union officer who, by the way, was one of the officers who threatened Derek over going to the state police about the investigation and search warrants,” Fields said.

For now, there has still been no word from state officials as when, or if, charges will come out of what has been a three year long investigation.

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