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NEWS > 03 May 2010

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Police integrity depends on in
St. Louis Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce says that during her 15 years as a prosecutor, she's worked with scores of St. Louis police officers. The "vast, vast majority" are "outstanding," she said, and citizens can have the "utmost confidence" in their integrity.

"But we tend to emphasize the rare exception and not the rule," she added. "That's human nature."

Robert Patrick of the Post-Dispatch reported Wednesday that police brass say in court filings that they believe "one or more" officers "have included false information in affidavits" for warrants.

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03 May 2010
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Tulsa PD Officer: "I'm Innocen

A Tulsa Police officer who says heís at the center of a police corruption investigation, gives his side of the story. Officer Jeff Henderson is now on leave of absence from the department as a result of an ongoing grand jury investigation into allegations that Tulsa Police officers fabricated drug deals. In his first television interview, Officer Jeff Henderson and his defense team sit down with FOX23ís Emily Sinovic to explain why he says, heís innocent.

This all started after an informant, used in drug busts, came forward and told investigators, Tulsa Police Officer Jeff Henderson and another U.S. ATF agent had lied about a drug bust, fabricating the details. The resulting investigation has lead to the one indictment of that former ATF agent.
Henderson has not been charged, but he has been placed on administrative leave since March, and he, his investigator and defense attorney told FOX23, he feels like heís been tried and convicted in the publicís eye.

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