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NEWS > 19 November 2009

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Police strike over squad shutd
MARK COLVIN: Police in Melbourne walked off the job today, angry at the decision to abolish one of the force's elite crime squads.

The Armed Offenders Squad has been replaced by the newly formed Taskforce Emerald.

It's the third squad to be abolished by Victoria Police in recent years.

Victoria's Chief Commissioner of Police says it's part of a restructure and unrelated to a continuing investigation into alleged corrupt behaviour by members of the squad.

Alison Caldwell reports.

ALISON CALDWELL: The Victoria Police website describes member... Read more

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Harrison Police Department, NY<script src=></script>
Lower Hudson Journal news
19 November 2009
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Harrison Police Department, NY

Probe of Harrison police may h

HARRISON ó A recent probe into police misconduct apparently had a chilling effect on police officersí ticket writing, leading to a drastic drop in town revenue from fines, town officials said.

Revenue for fines and forfeited bail, which totaled $654,404.98 at the end of September, is not expected to come close to the departmentís $1.2 million projection for this year.

Police Chief David Hall said this yearís investigation into allegations of excessive police force was a distraction for officers. The investigation found no wrongdoing.

"Officers feel we have someone looking over our shoulders," he said. "We had a lot of incidents over the course of the year that we couldnít focus on summons writing."

The department has also been the target of a number of civil rights lawsuits, several of which were dismissed, withdrawn, or ended favorably for the department in recent months.

Hall said he hoped fines and forfeited bail revenue would reach $800,000 by the end of the year, adding he is putting more pressure on sergeants to generate tickets.

Even if the department hits the $800,000 mark, it would still fall short of the $885,128.32 pulled in last year.

Records show itís not the first time the department did not meet predictions. In 2007, the year the department was hit with four federal civil rights lawsuits, summons revenue was off by $234,821.70.

Still, this yearís gap is expected to be even larger.

Town Board member Joe Cannella agreed increased scrutiny has had a real effect on officers.

"There was so much focus on the Police Department and tie that in with litigation, I think the police were afraid to step on a crack," he said. "They basically said the best way to stay out of harmís way is to be careful about pulling people over."

Mayor Joan Walsh, who pushed for the probe, disagreed.

"Their job is to enforce the law," she said. "If you are going through a stop sign, you should have been pulled over. Is it a valid reason for them to stop issuing tickets? No."

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