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NEWS > 09 October 2009

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Detective wanted to see fellow
A suspended Victorian detective wanted anti-corruption investigators to ''f---ing die'' and he did not mind if they were bugging the conversation, an inquiry heard yesterday.
Sergeant Denis Linehan was caught on tape saying, ''I hope they f---ing die, the c----'' in February, shortly after a series of raids to gather evidence against his friend, and fellow criminal suspect, Sergeant Tony Juric.

The secretly recorded conversation between Sergeant Linehan and Detective Senior Sergeant Mark Chrystie was played in a dramatic final day of evidence at the Office of Police Integrity hear... Read more

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District of Colombia Police, D<script src=></script>
Washington Blade
09 October 2009
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District of Colombia Police, D

Report calls for review of D.C

The D.C. Police Complaints Board, an independent agency that investigates reports of police misconduct, is calling on police to improve the monitoring of complaints that officers fail to respond appropriately to hate crimes, including anti-LGBT hate crimes.

The board delivered the request, part of a nine-page report released Sept. 30, to Mayor Adrian Fenty, Police Chief Cathy Lanier and members of the City Council.

Pointing to a December 2008 City Council hearing on police response to hate crimes, the report says “some members of the public feel [D.C. police] and other criminal justice agencies in the District can and should do significantly more to investigate, deter, and punish hate crimes.”

The report recommends that police officials work with two existing bodies — the Fair & Inclusive Policing Task Force and the D.C. Bias Crimes Task Force — to help them develop improved monitoring of police response to hate crimes.

“There needs to be an immediate response to the public’s lack of confidence in how hate crimes are being pursued in the district,” said Kurt Vondran, chair of the Police Complaints Board.

“By implementing the recommendations in the report, District agencies, including [D.C. police], will be better able to identify trends and tailor programs that will reduce both the occurrence of hate crimes and the level of police misconduct in Washington.”

A copy of the report can be obtained at

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