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NEWS > 14 July 2009

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San Luis Obispo County Sheriff<script src=></script>
KSBY - San Luis Obispo,CA,USA
14 July 2009
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San Luis Obispo County Sheriff

San Luis Obispo sheriff candid

A candidate for San Luis Obispo County sheriff is accused of cheating on an application to help get a promotion.

Ian Parkinson is a candidate in next year's race to replace San Luis Obispo County Sheriff Pat Hedges. Parkinson is currently a San Luis Obispo city police captain.

A former colleague claims Parkinson's brother wrote the answers to three essay questions that helped get him promoted to sergeant. Retired San Luis Obispo police officer and former Atascadero Mayor Mike Brennler claims it happened in 2001 when both men worked at the department.

"It ruins morale, and it's not right. You know, as police officers we are held to a higher standard and cheating on your test is not one of those standards," Brennler said.

Brennler claims an email, originally brought to light by, shows that Parkinson's brother Eric wrote the answers.

"There's an email and there's also a letter that contains answers to essay questions," Brennler explained.

Parkinson strongly denies any wrongdoing. He says the three essay questions were not a test, only part of the application process. He is adamant that he wrote them himself, but admits his brother proofread and polished them.

"I did what everybody should do when they submit an application. Have it reviewed, have it proofed, and [then] submit it."

Brennler points out that Parkinson's brother Eric is listed as the last person to modify the Microsoft Word document. Parkinson said that is irrelevant.

"Of course it has his name on it, because he made recommendations in the document and sent it back," said Parkinson.

Parkinson showed Action News the rough draft he says he wrote before submitting it to his brother. Both documents are similar except for minor formatting differences.

The essay questions were later thrown out when a police union lawsuit against the city determined they were unfair. Parkinson, along with other sergeant candidates had to reapply. In the end, Parkinson was promoted.

Parkinson now questions how Brennler got the document in the first place.

"This document was stolen, and this document was used to try and hurt me," Parkinson said.

Brennler said he got the document in 2001 after other police officers told him it was on a city-owned computer, one that Parkinson was using at the time.

San Luis Obispo County voters head to the polls to elect a new sheriff on June 8, 2010.

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