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NEWS > 29 October 2008

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Ex-police chief accused of bus
GETTYSBURG, Pa. --A former police chief and his teenage son were charged Thursday with leaking word of a drug raid last year.

A state grand jury found that then-Chief Rolf Garcia learned of the planned state raid from a trooper who made a courtesy call. Garcia then phoned his 17-year-old son to alert him on Feb. 3, 2006, state Attorney General Tom Corbett said.

The teen called four other people to tell them about the plans, according to the grand jury notice.

As officers approached the residence, two men escaped before they could be identified, the grand jury f... Read more

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New South Wales Police<script src=></script>
The Australian - Sydney,Austra
29 October 2008
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New South Wales Police

Police jailed after corruption

TWO New South Wales police officers were jailed for armed robbery and drug trafficking following corruption investigations in the past year, with another sacked over assault allegations.

The Police Integrity Commission (PIC) annual report 2007-08, released today, showed there were 65 full investigations into police misconduct during the financial year, up from 55 the year before.

The PIC assessed 1704 complaints, up from 1201 the previous year and 1141 in 2005-06.

About three-quarters were at the more serious end of the scale, the report said.

Out of the 65 investigations, there were 19 allegations of perverting the course of justice, 17 involving drug manufacture and supply, and 15 surrounding offences punishable by five years or more imprisonment.

The probes also looked at suspected financial misconduct, unauthorised access and release of police information, misuse of authority and improper relationships with criminals.

Of the total number of 150 allegations probed during the year within the 65 investigations, 83 remained open.

One officer was sentenced to seven and a half years jail last December for a number of charges including armed robbery, drug misuse and trafficking and corruption.

Another was jailed for three years and nine months in September, also for armed robbery and drug misuse and trafficking offences.

One officer was sacked in May after standing trial on charges of maliciously inflicting grievous bodily harm and assault, although the charges were not proved.

The PIC was established following a recommendation of the Wood Royal Commission and, with the NSW ombudsman, is one of two bodies overseeing the NSW police force.


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