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NEWS > 20 June 2008

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Policeman escapes charges afte
A senior policeman has escaped charges in Wagga Wagga, in southern New South Wales, after a lengthy investigation into allegations he perverted the course of justice.

The Police Integrity Commission (PIC) says another officer, Senior Constable Chris Jackson, is due to face court next week on charges relating to the Operation Whistler inquiry.

But the PIC says there will be no charges against Inspector Tom Murphy, who oversaw the crime scene after the arrest of Allan Hathaway in 2003.

The arrest left Mr Hathaway in hospital and resulted in a year-long inquiry in... Read more

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WDEF News 12 - Chattanooga,TN,
20 June 2008
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USA: Athens Police Chief Suspe

The fall out continues in Athens, Tennessee over cash, drugs and a handgun missing from missing police custody after July of 2006.

A police detective resigned in January.Today Police Chief Chuck Ziegler got suspended for 30 days without pay.

"If we can't trust the police officers who can we trust?" says Athens resident Tracey Townzen.

For residents, It's a disappointing case of alleged police misconduct.

A recent audit by the Tennessee Comptroller's office details $46,000, nearly 2 pounds of marijuana, 2 ounces of cocaine, 700 prescription pills and a hand gun turned up missing from police custody between July 2006 and last October.

"It's surprising in the Bible Belt to hear something like that," says Gil Balch.

Friday Police Chief Chuck Ziegler got suspended for thirty days without pay after an investigation into the missing evidence.

Ziegler reportedly failed to implement proper procedures.

In a statement Chief Ziegler tells News 12, quote, I have acknowledged my responsibility for the procedural issues identified in the Comptroller's report at the Athens Police Department. I have received disciplinary actions for that mistake and I am taking the appropriate steps to ensure that the Athens Police Department is in full compliance with the procedures that are set out by the Comptroller's Office.

"We certainly all make mistakes I think we can have some mercy but I pray that justice will be done," says Balch.

Former Athens police detective Bill Matthews resigned in January after an investigation into the missing evidence.

He reportedly confessed to taking at least $8900. A McMinn County grand jury declined to indict him.

"It disappoints me because we're supposed to look up to police officers they're supposed to protect us and they're supposed to treat us or show us how things are supposed to be done and if we can't depend on them who can we depend on," Townzen says.

The comptroller's report says the audit was done to help the TBI's investigation, after Athens police department officials discovered a discrepancy in seized cash.


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