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NEWS > 07 April 2008

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Police refute corruption claim
The head of Public Relations Unit at the Botswana Police Service, Senior Superintendent Solomon Mantswe, says more than 99 percent of the Botswana police officers respect the rule of law as enshrined in our constitution.

Mantswe was responding to allegations of corruption and inhuman treatment levelled at police officers by Zimbabweans residing in Botswana behind the Grand Palm Hotel. The area is commonly known as Maipaahela Block V. Mantswe appealed to the Zimbabwean community not to be afraid to bring their grievances forward. "Our offices are open, from the commissioner d... Read more

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G. SELVA, thestar online
07 April 2008
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Get priorities right

REFER to the IGP’s response “Why the war on corruption is important” (The Star, April 7).

Undoubtedly, the war against corruption is imperative and the IGP is right in his admirable and arduous efforts in trying to curb it. This is obviously no easy task as the platform to fight corruption entails a greater stage.

It requires the political will and the genuine desire of society to eradicate it successfully. The police seem to have made the fight against corruption on par if not more important than its other five functions as stipulated in the Police Act.

This is the approach that is of concern, as the present leadership has not got a feel of the pulse that is alarming the public especially in the area of serious and confrontational crimes.

It is opined that the recent statistics on the matter says it all, as there has been only a reduction of 0.1% in corruption among police personnel ever since the launch of the ‘I am against graft’ campaign in contrast to the 40% increase in crime rate over the past four years.

Therefore, it is obvious that the focus and priority on fighting corruption has not achieved the proportionate desired results. Almost everyone at every level of society globally, abhors and is involved in the fight against corruption.

Everyone can be an authority as long as they advocate an implied high level of moral and ethical values and can provide ways and means to fight this scourge.

This is in contrast to real police work that is directly linked to its roles and functions in the Police Act that is a specialised area that entails training, knowledge and experience.

Dealing with the criminal mind is a full time job and the balance between applying the rule of law and the law of the jungle without breaking the law is what police craft is all about.

That is why fighting corruption should be left to those entrusted with the specific role to do so. No one else can deliver on police work other than police officers themselves.

The present internal police procedures such as the “Skim Kawalan Dadah dan Disiplin” which is used to curb corruption within the force should be enhanced.

It is opined that the police stick strictly to their designated functions and deliver the priorities of what is required of them in tandem with the Police Act.


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