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NEWS > 12 March 2008

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China jails corrupt police off
BEIJING - China has jailed a provincial deputy chief of police for life for taking bribes, a newspaper said today, amid an intensified crackdown on corruption.

A court in the eastern coastal province of Zhejiang jailed Xu Xiaogang, former deputy head of public security in neighbouring Jiangxi province, on Monday and seized all his personal property, the Beijing News said.

Xu, 56, had accepted more than 4 million yuan ($714,000) in bribes between 1997 and 2005, it said. "In the cases in which he was in charge, Xu Xiaogang used his position to obtain advantages for criminal sus... Read more

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Charleston Police Department,<script src=></script>
Daily Mail - Charleston - Char
12 March 2008
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Charleston Police Department,

Charleston police set to take

The Charleston Police Department is conducting mandatory ethics classes for all officers in order to become better educated and accustomed to everyday situations.

The objective for the classes is to educate and train law enforcement officers concerning ethical dilemmas for emotional and career survival, according to a press release from Charleston Police Chief Brent Webster.

The law firm of Pullin, Fowler, Flanagan, Brown and Poe, PLLC as a public service is presenting it, the release said.

The classes began Tuesday and will continue every Tuesday and Wednesday until April 9, according to Charleston Police Sgt. Ralph Johnson. They are conducted at the Training and Improvement Facility at 118 Dickinson St.

He said the department tries to conduct an ethics-themes training seminar at least once every few years.

Topics covered during the four hour classes will include emotional and career survival, anger management and peer pressure, sexual harassment and department police and procedures, according to the release.

Johnson said the classes are just one more way for Charleston officers to become better and more beneficial to the public.

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