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NEWS > 18 January 2006

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A North Brunswick police lieutenant under indictment in the high-speed crash that claimed the life of a fellow officer was indicted again Tuesday by a Middlesex County grand jury, this time on two counts of official misconduct.

The indictment charges Lt. Keith Buckley with failing to perform the duties of his position while driving the rented 2006 Dodge Viper that crashed into a utility pole on Route 130 in the township on Aug. 12, 2008, a collision that killed Lt. Christopher Zerby.

The second count is for Buckley allegedly driving the car while on duty without his gun or ha... Read more

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Czech Happenings - Pragues, Cz
18 January 2006

Inspectors deal with leak of w

PRAGUE- The Interior Minister's inspection has started to discuss the leak of the wiretapped conversations of Vladimir Dolezal, a former member of the Chamber of Deputies for the opposition Civic Democratic Party (ODS), ministry spokeswoman Radka Kovarova told.
"The inspectors are checking whether the content of the wiretappings has leaked from the police," she said.

Some media published the text of the wiretapped conversations on Tuesday.

Public Czech Radio was the first to report on the inspectors' steps.

Dolezal has been charged with corruption. He is suspected of having asked businessmen to give a bribe of 800,000 crowns to Prague 10 councillor Tomas Hrdlicka (ODS).

The media presented the text of the wiretappings put down by the anti-corruption police who, the document shows, received the court's permission to wiretap Dolezal from October 15, 2005 to January 15, 2006.

The wiretappings show that Dolezal tried to influence the investigation of his case through businessman Ivo Rittig. He expressed interest, among others, in the steps of the state attorney in charge of his case.

Kovarova said that the leak of the text could be qualified as a crime.

The published document was originally labelled classified, but this status was eventually officially lifted, as is apparent from its photo in the media.

The leak has also been investigated by the police headquarters internal inspection department. Police spokesman David Kubalak said today that all persons involved have been or will be questioned.

"The result of the investigation is expected in the nearest days," he said.

A lower house commission supervising police wiretapping stated last week that the wiretapping had been in accordance with law. This afternoon, the commission is to check whether the police also used listening devices, apart from phone, to watch Dolezal, and whether they shadowed him.

On the police request, the Chamber of Deputies stripped Dolezal of his immunity as a deputy on December 20, thus releasing him for prosecution. Although Dolezal dismisses the charges, he gave up his lower house mandate on Tuesday lest he harm the ODS's image.


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