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NEWS > 03 May 2007

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Iraq re-arrests police over re
Iraqi authorities have re -arrested 18 policemen who had been detained but then freed over the reprisal killing of up to 70 Sunni Arab men in the northern town of Tal Afar this week, police said on Friday.

The governor of Nineveh province, which includes Tal Afar, had said on Thursday that policemen who took part in the shootings were released to prevent unrest.

Shi'ite gunmen including police went on the killing spree hours after truck bomb attacks in Tal Afar killed 85 people in a Shi'ite area on Tuesday.

Police in the nearby city of Mosul said the 18 policem... Read more

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Daily Telegraph - Sydney,New S
03 May 2007
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Ex-cop is a Woolies shoplifter

FORMER elite NSW Police anti-corruption unit commander John Dolan has been caught shoplifting food worth $12 from Woolworths.

The former acting detective superintendent was stopped by a store detective as he left Woolworths at Bateau Bay, on the Central Coast, with a packet of beef jerky and packet of spaghetti in his pocket.

Mr Dolan, who headed investigations for the Police Integrity Commission and NSW Crime Commission, returned to the store with a security officer and paid for the food with his credit card.

An unshaven and unkempt Mr Dolan, 48, appeared a broken man yesterday when he confirmed the theft to The Daily Telegraph.

Following Woolworths' policy dealing with minor shoplifting, Mr Dolan signed a voluntary statement of admission to record the incident.

"It was a misunderstanding that didn't necessitate any further action," said Mr Dolan, once right-hand man to the internal affairs golden boy former assistant commissioner Mal Brammer.

Mr Dolan denied police had been called and that he had been cautioned. Both police and Woolworths refused to comment.

It is understood Mr Dolan had been doing the family grocery shopping when he was seen slipping the items into his pocket.

Mr Dolan's career ended five years ago after several adverse findings against him arising out of damaging internal inquiries into high-profile police investigations. He was later discharged as being medically unfit.

In 2001, Mr Dolan was allegedly caught drink-driving behind the wheel of a NSW Crime Commission car at Killarney Vale, also on the Central Coast, while on holiday.

Police claimed he had a blood alcohol level of .075. At court, a doctor's certificate was presented stating Mr Dolan was "unfit to work or attend court or to read and complete documents until further notice".

Mr Dolan never appeared in court and the charge was eventually no-billed. The incident happened at the height of Mr Dolan's involvement with Operation Florida into corrupt Manly detectives.

As commander of the Special Crime Unit that managed police undercover investigations, Mr Dolan's management style was criticised in 2002 by an internal inquiry for being "dictatorial and authoritarian" because it was "his way or no way".


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