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NEWS > 18 March 2007

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Investigation of Plainfield ch

PLAINFIELD -- The investigation into alleged misconduct by the police chief will remain an internal review, the first selectman said Friday.

First Selectman Kevin Cunningham said there is no criminal investigation, so the issue involving Chief Gary Sousa will remain within the authority of the police commission.

The integrity of the police commission's ongoing investigation into allegations of misconduct by Sousa was thrown into question Thursday after Police Commission Chairman Jackie DuBois said phone records show Sousa has been talking daily to people involved in... Read more

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Advertiser Adelaide - Adelaide
18 March 2007
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40 police quizzed over 'bug'

AN internal investigation into the use of a monitoring device in an Anti-Corruption Branch interview room has so far resulted in more than 40 police officers being quizzed.

It is understood the interviewing process is in its final stages, with an assessment of all statements taken to be made next week.
The Sunday Mail last week revealed the internal investigation had been launched by Police Commissioner Mal Hyde after he was alerted to concerns about a monitoring device in the ACB. The inquiry is being overseen by the Police Complaints Authority.

It is focusing on the use of the device with concerns raised that it is capable of being used to secretly listen to private conversations.

Mr Hyde, Police Minister Paul Holloway and Police Complaints Authority chief Tony Wainright on Friday declined to comment on the investigation. But Mr Hyde did reveal the Police Association of SA had raised the monitoring device issue with him.

The device was removed on Mr Hyde's orders after his subsequent inquiries confirmed its existence in the interview room.

"The primary issue is whether or not the use of a monitoring device was in accordance with the law," Mr Hyde said in a statement.

"The investigation is being conducted because the Police Association initially raised concerns about monitoring.

"An examination was conducted and this indicated there had been no illegal or improper use of a device. The Police Association was advised, but still had concerns and wanted further assurance."

Association president Peter Alexander said yesterday the association "has had concerns regarding this issue for a significant period of time" after receiving information from officers.

"The use of the device needs to be clarified in the interests of police officers working within ACB and all police in general," he said.

While Mr Holloway declined to comment on Friday, in State Parliament on Wednesday he said he was first alerted to the situation by PASA in February, the day before he went overseas.

In response to a question by Opposition police spokesman Rob Lucas, Mr Holloway said while his office had since had contact with Mr Hyde's office concerning the matter, he had not had any direct discussions with Mr Hyde over it.

"I believe it would be entirely appropriate for the Commissioner to investigate that matter to see whether that allegation had some basis before being informed," he told parliament.


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