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NEWS > 14 February 2007

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New witness testifies in NYC p
NEW YORK - A last-minute witness testified Thursday before a grand jury that is considering whether to charge five police officers who unleashed a 50-bullet barrage that killed an unarmed man on his wedding day.

The testimony came as the city anxiously awaited jury‘s decision on the fate of the five officers, who could face a range of charges in the Nov. 25 shooting that killed 23-year-old Sean Bell and wounded two of his friends.

The man told detectives he heard the crash of vehicles and ran out to see what was happening, Palladino said. The man said he saw a black mal... Read more

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New South Wales Police<script src=></script>
ABC Online - Australia
14 February 2007
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New South Wales Police

Policeman escapes charges afte

A senior policeman has escaped charges in Wagga Wagga, in southern New South Wales, after a lengthy investigation into allegations he perverted the course of justice.

The Police Integrity Commission (PIC) says another officer, Senior Constable Chris Jackson, is due to face court next week on charges relating to the Operation Whistler inquiry.

But the PIC says there will be no charges against Inspector Tom Murphy, who oversaw the crime scene after the arrest of Allan Hathaway in 2003.

The arrest left Mr Hathaway in hospital and resulted in a year-long inquiry into allegations of police brutality in the Wagga local area command.

The police union's Wagga spokesman, Mick Connor, says he is pleased for Inspector Murphy, but disappointed it took 14 months for him to get peace of mind.

"There's been no appreciable effect on morale as a whole at Wagga police station," he said.

"However, it has been disappointing to the members of the police association that it's taken this long to get to a point where either charges are laid or not laid."

The review of the matters by the Department of Public Prosecutions has taken almost a year and Mr Connor says it is about time there was some progress.

"I know I'm frustrated with the whole process," he said.

"I can't understand how justice moves so slowly in this instance.

"Our whole justice system is on justice coming very swiftly and in this case, it hasn't happened."

Senior Constable Jackson has been suspended on full pay since December, 2005.


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