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NEWS > 02 November 2006

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IGP wants his men to come forw
KUALA LUMPUR: Whistle-blowers step forward – that is the call of the new Inspector-General of Police as he intensifies his efforts to clamp down on corruption and abuse of power.

Tan Sri Musa Hassan welcomes whistle-blowers, including those from within the police force, to join in his fight against graft.

“If you have concrete evidence against any police officer, even your superior, who abuses his power or is corrupt, you can come and see me. I can guarantee protection of the informant,” he said.

“The public can give me information about my officers and men,... Read more

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WTVF - Nashville,TN,USA
02 November 2006
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Metro Detective's Position Shi

Veteran detective Roy Dunaway has testified in countless criminal cases, but his actions while on the stand led to a mistrial and questioned his integrity.

Dunaway made false statements in a murder trial last month.

"She said that I shot him, I shot him...and then would cry," he testified in the trial of a Franklin woman charged with murdering her husband.

Hope Mercer claimed the gun had gone off accidentally in a struggle.

Both prosecutors and defense attorneys said there was no mention in Detective Dunaway's reports that Mercer had admitted to the shooting.

Former prosecutor and Dunaway's friend attorney David Raybin said police detectives can get confused at times.

"You have multiple cases going on at one time, particular when you were working as many cases as these officers are. Sometimes they get one case confused with another," Raybin said.

Raybin dispelled the notion that the mistake could be repeated by Dunaway.

"No, because you hardly ever hear of anything like that happening. It was truly unique that it happened when it happened," Raybin said.

Dunaway's personnel file is filled with letters of commendation, even for his work that helped solve crimes in other states.

His one mistake led to a mistrial and led to the demotion of the veteran Metro cop.

Dunaway will return to the rank of patrol officer because of credibility issues over his testimony.

Attorney David Raybin said he doesn't believe charges will be filed against Dunaway because he did not set out to commit perjury. He simply made a mistake.

The district attorney's office is reviewing the incident.

Roy Dunaway has been with the Metro Police Department for 15 years. He works out of the South Precinct.

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